On-Site Installation and Deployment

Reliable and efficient way for businesses to manage their onsite installations and deployments, regardless of their size or complexity.
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Comprehensive Onsite Installation Solutions

InstaLaunch's solution allows clients to focus on their core business, while leaving the onsite installation and deployment management to experienced professionals.
InstaLaunch offers end-to-end solutions for onsite installations, from project planning to delivery, for small and large-scale projects. With an international network of strategic onsite service partners, clients gain access to experienced and certified field engineers to install a wide range of equipment. As a one-stop-shop solution, InstaLaunch reduces time to market, frees up internal resources, and manages costs for client.

Centralized Control and Operations Management

InstaLaunch's centralized approach to project management and network operations provides full visibility and control for clients. With end-to-end data capture, clients gain insight to optimize their operations and make informed decisions. InstaLaunch's solution offers reliable and efficient management for onsite installations and deployments, regardless of size or complexity.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

By providing a comprehensive solution for managing onsite installations, InstaLaunch streamlines project delivery for clients. This leads to increased efficiency and cost savings, as clients can rely on a single-source solution for their installation needs. InstaLaunch's solution allows clients to focus on their core business, while leaving the onsite installation and deployment management to experienced professionals.

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Project Planning and Launch

We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your business operations during product installations, whether it be in backoffice locations or at point-of-sale. Our solutions include off-site installation preparation, single to multi-location deployments, and large-scale installations and roll-outs planning. We take care of everything from onboarding the right installation partner to shipping and transportation, on-site installation, initialization, and testing, freeing up your resources for your core business needs.

On-Site Partner Qualification and Selection

Eliminate the need for extensive time and resources searching for onsite installation partners across multiple geographies or regions. Our single-source service delivery and platform approach allow us to design, build, and onboard the right service-partner network to meet your specific installation project needs. Our global network of onsite installation partners includes multi-vendor equipment installation technicians. We also manage service partner contracting, technical onboarding, and service vendor SLA management. Save time, resources, and money by partnering with us for your onsite installation needs.
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On-Site Installation Solutions

We provide end-to-end onsite installation solutions for our clients’ equipment at customer locations. Our dedicated and flexible installation teams ensure the right level of skills, technician availability, and installation management for successful roll-outs. We conduct site surveys, including physical inspection and assessment prior to installation, and perform onsite installation, turn-up, and testing of equipment. Additionally, we handle post-installation administration to ensure a smooth and successful installation process for our clients.
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