Central Depot Repair Center

Global network of renowned depot repair partners providing efficient, cost-effective, and OEM-standard high-volume repair operations.
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Efficient and Reliable Global High-Volume Repair Solutions

IGlobal network of depot repair partners offering efficient, cost-effective, and reliable high-volume repair solutions. Comprehensive services, shortest repair time.
InstaLaunch provides a streamlined and dependable solution for high-volume repair operations, leveraging a global network of renowned depot repair partners. With a commitment to cost-efficiency and speed, we orchestrate and manage centralized depot repair operations to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Cost-Efficient and Reliable Operations:

Through our extensive network of depot repair partners across the globe, InstaLaunch ensures efficient and cost-effective repair processes. We handle all aspects of the product repair cycle, from diagnostics and triage to repair, recycling, and disposal. With a focus on delivering OEM-standard quality repairs, we guarantee the shortest repair time (TAT), transparency in operations, and seamless commercial claim settlement.

Comprehensive Repair Services

InstaLaunch offers a wide range of managed repair services, including sales return management, in-warranty return RMA and repair processing, and out-of-warranty and insurance device processing. Our capabilities extend to all levels of product repair, including component-level repairs (L4). By collaborating with renowned partner repair facilities equipped with state-of-the-art test, diagnostic, and repair equipment, ensuring top-notch service quality and adherence to environmental standards.

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Depot Repair Network & Vendor Management

Our services support brand expansion into new regions by establishing efficient product repair networks or optimizing existing networks for cost and customer service enhancements. We offer expertise in network design, partner sourcing, onboarding, system integration, and automated RMA and claim processing. Integration of repair status and customer information portals is also provided.

Operations Control & Performance Management

Enhance productivity and optimize operations with our comprehensive factory shop floor and repair network solutions. Benefit from our extensive global network of depot repair service partners, ensuring efficient business outcomes, customer satisfaction, and full visibility and control over critical workflows. Our services encompass productivity and capacity management, WIP control, inventory management, repair site audits, SLA and KPI management, NPI support, and technical repair site assistance.

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Claim & Commercial Management

InstaLaunch exceeded our expectations with their efficient and reliable repair services. Their global network of partners ensured fast turnaround times and cost-effective solutions. Highly recommended for high-volume repair operations!
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